Grilled Pork Rice Bowl (Buta-Don)

Japanese food

I had a “Buta-Don” for lunch.
“Buta” means pork and “Don” means bowl.  “Don” foods are very popular in Japan and there are many types.  It places cooked meat or fish such as beef, chicken, tempra, sashimi fish etc. on top of rice in bowl.

Buta-don seems to be originated in Hokkaido area (northern part of Japan) and recently we enjoy anywhere in Japan.


  • pork back rib slice
  • rice

For sauce

  • soy sauce  15ml
  • Japanese sake (for cooking use)   30ml
  • mirin  30ml
  • sugar  15ml

1) Cooking sauce: mix all stuff for sauce

2) Dipping pork in sauce for a while (about 15 min.)

3) Bake pork meat in fry pan

4) After grilled well, put sauce in fry pan and boil down

5) Place meat on top of rice in bowl and pour sauce

I put green onion on the top for colouration.
The sauce tastes a little bit sweet.  It is good combination with sweet taste of pork.  This is very simple menu and very good for lunch.

Enjoy meal!