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Three Colors Rice Bowl (Sanshoku Don)

“Sanshoku Don” is also called as “Tori Soboro Don.”   “Tori” means “Chicken”and “Soboro” is a food which is cooked as small granular like above photo.  This food is using Soboro of chicken and egg. “Sanshoku” means “Three Colors.”  This rice bowl (don) has brown, green and yellow.  So it is called so. It is […]


Fried Pork Rice Bowl (Katsudon)

Katsudon is one of popular don (rice bowl) foods.  The cooking method is almost same with Oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl), but main ingredient is “Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) ” instead of chicken. Who developed this food is not clear, there are some stories.  But it seems to be eaten since 1921, because one […]

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Chicken Egg Rice Bowl (Oyako-Don)

Oyako – Don is one of the most popular “Don” repertoire. “Oyako” means parent and child in Japanese.  So this menu is named after combination of chicken and egg.  According to Don recipe theory, it places stuff on top of rice. Ingredients Chicken  (about 30g, but up to you) Onion  (about 25g, but up to […]

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Grilled Pork Rice Bowl (Buta-Don)

I had a “Buta-Don” for lunch. “Buta” means pork and “Don” means bowl.  “Don” foods are very popular in Japan and there are many types.  It places cooked meat or fish such as beef, chicken, tempra, sashimi fish etc. on top of rice in bowl. Buta-don seems to be originated in Hokkaido area (northern part […]