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Japanese Marinated Mackerel (Shime Saba)

Mackerel is called as “Saba” in Japanese, and it’s one of popular fish here. Popular cooking method for Saba is to grill or simmer.  Normally we don’t eat it as Sashimi (raw fish) because it is perishable.  “Shime Saba” is marinated with salt and rice vinegar.  With this cooking method, Saba (Mackerel) can be kept […]


Swellfish Sashimi (Tessa)

Swellfish, “Fugu” called in Japanese, is a seasonal fish in winter in Japan. There are some popular cooking styles such as Sashimi, especially called “Usuzukuri” (very thin sliced) like above photo, Nabe (Hot Pot) or Karaage (deep fried stuff). I like it, but I don’t remember I had eaten it when I was kid.  I […]