Japanese traditional pastry from Kyoto (Wagashi)

Wagashi, Japanese traditional pastry

My friend visited Kyoto and bring a souvenir, Japanese traditional pastry for me.  It is called “Wagashi” in Japanese.  It consists of several kind of “Anko (child bean paste).”  Left one, white and pink anko are wrapping red bean pate.  Right one, a kind of rice cake (mochi) which is very tender is wrapping also red bean paste.  Right one expresses a kind of flower shape.

Usually, pastry is sweet.  These two are also sweet, but it has modest sweetness.  We feel these taste is elegant.  They are not large, size are about 5cm diameter.  Size is also modest.

Generally, ingredients of wagashi are sugar, syrup, rice, wheat, red bean etc.  It is not “created” without any oil.  And using fruits is rare.
Wagashi is food, so I may have to use the word “cook.”  But I think “create” is appropriate.

Its range is very broad.  High graded ones are served at traditional tea ceremony (sado).  Above two are from Juko which is one of high graded brand and seems to be served at famous tea ceremony.

My impression of these two is “delicate.”

Shape is delicate, size is delicate, decoration is delicate….
And, of course, the taste is delicate.

I enjoyed them with green tea.
Green tea taste a little bit bitter.  These wagashi harmonize with that bitterness.
It was wonderful time.  I appreciate my friend.

If you have a chance to come to Japan, “wagashi” is worth to try.

Enjoy meal!